Daniel Castellano

// guitar / Choirs


Accompanist of laura with his high-pitched choirs and rhythmic guitar.

Laura Pelaez

// bass and vocals

Her voice and bass lines will make you unable to stop dancing.

Samuel Pocero

// drums

Drummer with years of experience, presence and personality on stage.

Diego Fernandez

// guitar / keyboard


Keyboard melodies that should not be missing and classic riff keys.

Band Bio

The Garage Van is based in Asturias, Spain. The band was born in a drunk conversation during a surf festival in 2014. They started playing covers from The Black Keys and suddenly they were overwhelmed by their own ideas and sound.
The band started with Diego (Lead guitar // Keys) and Aitor (Drums). And finished the actual formation with Daniel (Rhythm guitar // Choirs) and Laura (Bass // Vocals.  They decided to record their first Long EP which will be published during 2018´s summer. Enjoy.

Band Support

Thanks for all the Crew for the support, special Thanks Guillermo Rubio (Mixed and Producer), Luis Casero (Recording), Salva Fonollá, Kyllians Castells, Raquel Linde and Dario Martinez (Audiovisuals), Adrian Garcia and Gabi Corradini ( Logo Desing) and the rest of the homies.

The Garage Van Offcial Website